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Told that long snapping isn't even a rated skill in "Madden," he slowly shakes his head.

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To come up with "Madden's" s -- approximately variables per player, including uniform equipment -- Moore talks to scouts, sifts through statistics and watches "about 90 percent of every NFL game. A little lower, actually -- 50 overall.

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The "Madden" ratings guru at EA Tiburon, Moore judges his work by a simple standard: players pleased with their ratings are probably overrated. And in "Madden," fun remains the point. Hey, its me, Madden, welcome to my exclusive website!

But if we ever add a snapping rating, he'll be one of the top guys. Palmer -- yeah, we'd watch that race.

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Worse than a slew of training camp backups who are bound to be cut before the start of the regular season. To the citizens of Xbox Nation, he's less useful than dryer lint, the dude with Local girl search live sex cams overall player rating of 53 on a point scale. Told that Frost's toughness rating is just six points lower than his -- 70 to 76 -- Albright arches an eyebrow.

According to the game's Byzantine individual skill ratings -- which measure everything from foot speed to spin-move ability to a player's effect on team morale -- he's the hands-down, rock-bottom worst player in the NFL.

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Dude, how can Carson Palmer be faster than ME? Willis McGahee can't fathom why he isn't quicker. Many players, such as Donovan McNabb and current cover boy Shaun Alexander, aren't just featured in "Madden" -- they play "Madden" on road trips and in locker rooms.

It's a pride thing. Now! What are ya waiting for?!?!

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Your Grand Rapids treat mmm if you put him in there to snap a punt or field goal at the end of the game with a rush coming on, I bet he can't do what I do. For the worst player in digital football, real life is pretty sweet. Irrelevant Michael Green, whose 83 rating is 30 points better than Albright's.

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madden Your browser does not support iframes. Sound off to 2 here. In fact, the Washington Redskins' long snapper is probably better at what he does -- blindly hurling a ball between his legs, under extreme duress, with zero margin for error -- than most of us will ever be at anything.