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It has always fallen to island women to pass on folktales, legends, family histories and other cultural tales. Women carry on dance traditions as well, performing the most popular dance, the merengue, at parties, social events and especially during the spring carnival.

It is hard to call these girls hardworking. Females here like to chat about "the consequences of the global financial crisis" or "problems of economic development of the Dominican Republic. Cris Urena September 4, - Dominican-American fashion model.

Music and Literary Traditions Family music making is an integral part of Dominican tradition. If there is no music, they sing or whistling. The dominican women prefer tight clothing, regardless of the forms of splendor.

Comments 1 Dominican women are very attractive and interesting, especially girls with the Spain blood. About the Dominican, as Latinos, people say that they are very passionate, amorous and flirtatious.

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Nineteenth-century Spanish colonizers introduced romantic European literature to the Dominican Republic, but since few women could read, these classic books were read aloud, becoming part of the society's oral tradition. It displayeds on their dancing - merengue and bachata.

Massiel Taveras - Miss Dominican Republic Dulcita Lieggi 19 May - Dominican actress, model and beauty ant title-holder. Women here are dreaming of a white prince with money, they are naive and cunning at the same time, silly and ridiculous, but nonetheless positive, cheerful and responsive dominican women.

Frankly, sometimes they dress up very strange combination qomen suit jacket and skirt from good thick fabric and sporty slaps. Women in curlers are on the streets everywhere.

The contraception is not popular here do,inican. When it comes to literature, Dominican women are the guardians of a rich heritage of oral history. Dominican women have large families.

It is a normal marching variant. They have children early and early are getting old.

Source: www. Despite the heat, females often go in a very tight jeans, explaining that they are favorably emphasize their figure and legs.

Like all girls they love to dress up. Their attitude to life is like a holiday, this is a typical feature of the character of inhabitants of all the countries of eternal summer, as laziness, however. Their temperament is very eloquent.

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They love to chat and are very gossip. Therefore, they are getting divorced without any hesitation, if they are tired of husbands.

Celines Toribio - Dominican picturew and actress. But they always take care of themselves, visit salons, do manicures and hairstyles, trying to align unruly and hard hair inherited from their ancestors from Africa.

The dominican women spend all the money on new vans, rings, manicure and clothe. They are very musical. In larger cities work offices institutions make another dressing: suits, shirts, pants, jeans.